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Thursday, June 10, 2004

Parting with my smart ... soon

It was 18 months ago when I bought this cool piece of engineering. It's cute and fun to drive and comes in all sorts of colour coordination. Funny thing is, whenever a smart bumps into another of its kind on the road, the drivers would either wave or flash his/her headlights as if we're in a club. Obviously it has a league of its own. With 600cc Mercedes engine and interchangeable plastic body cladding designed by the watchmaker Swatch, it does make a colourful statement on the roads. And it takes about 20 litres of petrol to fill up.

What I like about my Smart is that it's very easy to drive [mine is both auto and manual, on an easy one-touch button selection] and squeeze thru the congested urban areas. Especially during Friday prayers when parking space is hardly available, I could simply tuck my Smart in a little space in between cars, normally perpendicular to the curb [the length of a Smart is equals to the width of a standard car, i.e. 2 Smarts can occupy 1 parking space, 90degree] .... and this turned many eyes.

The problem is, since we had an addition to the family and my other half just went back to work after her 6-month maternity leave, on a few occasions I've to take both princesses with me and obviously a space for a third person is non-existence in Smart. So, I'm forced to change into a more practical machine. We are pondering between:

1. Yaris
2. Mini
3. Micra
4. 206cc
or if we have the dosh,
5. ML270, or even the best...
6. RX300 [to complement our IS200SE]

So far, we had 230E, E200, and 318i... time for another change.

Mmmmm.... big decision.

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