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Sunday, January 04, 2004

Signing on the dotted line season

As always, post christmas and new year is a shopping/sale season. For us, it started last weekend with going to the usual place - Bicester Village - and got myself new Timberland shoes. Working in London, I do need a better pair for all those walking and standing (in the commuter train), and to make it worst, born with flat feet, i do need an extra thick soft support under there. So far, Timberland and Hush Puppies do the job best.

This weekend, it's my beloved's turn to sneek into her favourite place, Salvatore Ferragamo...for a new hand bag. Not to mention a few pair of shoes still in their boxes in her closet from the previous countless visits. Both the New + Old Bond Streets in the Mayfair neighborhood are buzzing with shoppers.

For our two princesses, they've a long list of new stuff, as always when their mummy goes shopping.

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