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Thursday, October 09, 2003

Lets get easy...

Hard working people are furious, absolutely furious. During a programme by a TV station here, they found out this:-

Family 1 (2 kids)
Hubby works 70 hours a week _____________ £25,000 per annum
Wife works 25 hours a week _______________ £12,000 p.a.
Child benefit (2 Childs) ___________________ £1,393 p.a.
Family tax credit ________________________ £525 p.a.
Tax & National Insurance ________________ - £12,000 p.a
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> £27,000 per annum

Family 2 (8 kids)
Hubby + Wife do NOT work
Child benefit (8 Childs) ___________________ £4,747 p.a.
Carer's allowance (1 child has chronic asthmatic) £5,691 p.a.
Income support ________________________ £13,710 p.a.
Incapacity benefit
(hubby depressed after dad died 6 years ago) _ £4,446 p.a.
Disability living allowance (1 child) ___________ £5,051 p.a.
Disability living allowance (another child) ______ £3,754 p.a.
Child benefit ____________________________ £4,747 p.a.
TOTAL INCOME >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> £37,402 per annum !!!
During the 44 minute interview, Family 2 swore 60 times. At one point, the hubby uttered 20 F-words in just 2½ minutes!
They decided not to look for any job, coz they'll lose their benefits, and that's not worth they said.

No wonder thousands of people risking their lives everyday to come to this generous island. I think I should declare myself 'depressed', then, sit at home blogging whilst the state fills my piggy bank for my daily shawarma and vanilla milk shake. On top of that, I would probably be able to enjoy Malaysian holiday annually. Mmmm... worth thinking. :-D

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