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Thursday, December 07, 2006

m u s i b a h

Tell me, what is the probability of this chain of event to happen?

- for the first time, last night, I left my workbag in the car;

- early this morning, discovered that the car window has been smashed and the bag has gone; (it's a black laptop bag, but there's no laptop in it)

after went through the things one has to do, e.g. report to the police, insurance, office etc., I was informed by the office that

- a gentleman called and told that he found my bag with its contents scattered near a hedge as he was walking to his office this morning.

- he is also an architect;

- he works with another Malaysian architect who is my friend !

i went to his office and picked up the bag. everything was wet. fortunately, most thing were there except my faulty mobile phone of which I've wrapped in an envelope ready to be posted back for repair

- and the architect's daughter goes to the same school as Kakak !

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