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Monday, April 24, 2006

Helping 'hand'

I'm a bit annoyed not being able to put photo(s) in my posting for the past few days. My Sony digital camera has gone for a walkabout since last Tuesday. It was there on the steps in the house, when my wife saw it and the next second it was gone. For 2 days we searched the house high and low, yet there's no sign of it. I was vacuuming the car on the driveway (with the front door left ajar) when Mummy last saw the silver gadget a friend bought at Hakihabara a few years ago. Her theory: someone must have came in the house and took it. Mine: we must have misplaced it, or Adik played with it and put it somewehere.

Frustrated, I had to ask for help from far and beyond, as I did a few times before when came to a dead end as such. Last time I called for help from home, on similar matter, was about a couple of years ago when I let go my funky Smart car and couldn't locate the other set of its key. Similarly, I searched and turned the house upside down before puttting my white flag up and rang home for help.

The words that soon came back were:
"it's in a very dark place on the rear section of the house, it sits very low near the floor and I have already moved it 3 times in the course of searching for it".

Armed with this info, I searched again. But finally put up my 2nd and final white flag up, and told the car dealer I'll send it to him soon. Months past and he didn't come back asking, and we all forgot about it all. One day, while rummaging the cabinet near the dining table, I found it!!! It was indeed in my little backpack, in the side pocket, sat at the bottom compartment of the cabinet! All the info was dead right, but how I didn't find it is still a mystery.

Anyway, yesterday, I had to ask for the same help again and phoned home.
This lunchtime, hot at the press, it came back to me as:
"it's either in a car or in the toilet. look again"
[but he also told me that it could well be in someone else's car. it that case, it was indeed nicked]

So, I'll be rampaging again later this afternoon... at least in those two specific places.
+ and I've also lost my usb thumb drive... arghhh.

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