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Sunday, July 18, 2004

Weekend it was

Yesterday was Kakak's Annual Stage Medal Test for her ballet. She had 2 performances; solo and group. For her Baby Lyrical Medal (solo), she did 'Time to Dream' in
this costume  ..........     and for her Junior Character Group Award, they did 'Anastasia' in this  
Then, we popped into Harrods for its SALE.  [Opps... before went shopping, we filled up our tummies at Nahar Cafe; nasi campur & nasi goreng ayam with teh tarik]. It was their Card Holder 10% Off Weekend and mummy got kakak a nice dress, only after Kakak spent her time at the Toy Kingdom - did face and nail painting and enjoyed some magic tricks, fairy godmother, etc.  Salvatore Ferragamo was a must for mummy... so, a quick browse she did at their outlet just around the corner at Sloane Street.
Mmm... hungry again...
Next stop > Lagenda Restaurant at Holiday Villa for their weekend buffet dinner. Just as I was parking right in front of the entrance door, our friend Chef Syawal rang my mobile,
'Keluar, keluar... apa kau buat dalam kereta tu ! Keluar.... dtg makan ni' , and he was at a table next to a window looking at us.
We've actually been a very regular eaters at this place that Kakak would normally make it 'macam rumah sendiri'. We were the first to start but soon many arrived, including a few from the High Comm office entertaining some visiting big shots.

'Kau kena makan kuih-kuih aku ni, menangis aku cakap kau... menangis', said Syawal. And 'menangis' it was; memang sedap kuih-kuih kau, syabas!
We stayed there for nearly 3 hours... just couldn't stop chatting with so many people. Drove back and slept... zzzz
Today, the final day of the Stage Medal Test and Kakak has been summoned to receive an award. It was a great 2-day event with 300 performances and well done to all the girls > tremendous effort and wonderful display of skills. Kakak was presented with an award for her outstanding effort in her Technical Ballet Class (a by-invitation-only class, in addition to her normal one, for pupils with great potential). At the end... what else, a group photo for award winners. 
Then, dinner at

> garlic bread pizza, pasta, pizza.  Selamat & Rehat ...

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