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Friday, June 18, 2004


Last month, all 7 year old (Year 2 Primary) pupils in England went through their first national level test, namely the Key Stage 1 Assessment. We were very nervous to know the result since our princess had to skip a few days of school during that period due to cold and flu. Needless to say, the exam was conducted within a period whereby there was no fix timetable; more or less like a 'pop-quiz'.

Results are in 3 basic categories:
Level 1 and W : below the nationally expected standard
Level 2A, 2B & 2C :nationally expected standard [2B is average, 2A is above average]
Level 3 and 4+ : above the nationally expected standard

We were surprised to get the result which she brought back today:
She got Level 3 for all subjects tested [Speaking & Listening, Reading, Writing, Math, and Science].

WELL DONE!!! [ni nak kena pi cari hadiah la pulak ni..... ]

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