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Tuesday, July 13, 2004

Very exciting prospect.... yet

Last Friday, I applied for this very exciting job as advertised below:

further down, it says...

it also says 'immediate departure'.

Consequently, earlier today, I had an interview with the employment agency in London and it was at the basement of a Starbuck across the street as all their interview rooms were fully booked and some sessions were running beyond their expected time. [I thot to myself, mmm...the adventure starts straight away]. So, on a comfy brown leather sofas and across coffee table, with our frappucinos...interviewed I was. Went thro my CV and portfolio, normal stuff. [of course, I mentioned about Pak Lah's opening of my last job this 24th Saturday morning... spicing thing up a bit, hehehe]

Then, he told me that the Iraq deployment has been put on hold due to the latest volatile situation there >>> DOOOHHHH ... :( arghhhhh..

So, they'll find me other normal (mundane) one... mmmm.. potong stim tul la....

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