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Thursday, July 22, 2004

Here they come... again

Those people are coming, again. I saw them started arriving today, in their vans, campers, backpacks and the lot. Yes, it's the annual WOMAD at my doorsteps again, for the 15th year. This year's World of Music, Arts & Dance Festival will be having 7 stages with about 60 artists from all over the world performing their colourful pieces. A few years back, a Malaysian group did take part, but not this time (from the list in our local papers).

For us the residents of this neighbourhood, it's all about the horrendous traffic and litter generated.  Though to be honest, I can still tolerate this crowd. Well, it's actually just a small crowd (last year they had 26,000) compare to the absolutely weird and chaotic lot crashing onto our neck of the wood every end of August for the famous Reading Festival, the 2nd largest rock festival in the UK after Glastonbury. 
And they've just announced yesterday that the later festival's tickets have been sold out! And this year there'll be about 140 bands playing over the 3 day event on 6 stages.

My god! We will definitely get out from this place.  You won't believe the kind of people coming for this one: all sorts of colour hair, body piercings, strange clothes, etc etc. not to mention the funny behaviour.  Getting in and out from our little close to and from the main road has always been a great mission during that noisy weekend.

Let's Get Out !

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