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Thursday, May 20, 2004

Naik rumah baru

Alhamdulillah, the handing over of The New MSD & M'sia Hall building from JKR to the end user was completed just before noon today. After which, all parties were ushered to the famous Satay House for a nice lunch courtesy of the Contractor.

In the evening, MSD organised a simple Bacaan Yassin & Tahlil led by Ustaz Rahim and attended by many government staff from the Embassy and other Malaysian agencies in London. And again, as in the true Malaysian way, we had big makan-makan at the new Cafe. This time, it was nasi minyak. It suddenly rained lightly and as orang Melayu, we said it was 'hujan rahmat'.

It was about 9pm when we (Razif, the Contract Manager, myself and two of our workers) left the building, which was rather early considering that for the past many weeks we have been staying very late and sometimes Razif stayed there till the next morning. As Razif said, he now felt a bit uneasy to be there, coz we have handed everything to the users and technically the building is theirs now; macam masuk rumah orang.

Thanks everyone, and to MSD & M'sia Hall... moga-moga sejahtera dan gemilang di tempat baru, kalau ada salah silap harap maafkan.

Roger and Out.

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