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Saturday, May 06, 2006

Click! click! click!

Another job for Kakak today.

As usual, it was a havoc morning trying to get these two girls up and ready. We had to hit the road as early as 7:45am to be at the location in a little village in Hampshire, about an hour drive from home. The scenic route was rather nice if there were no traffic hogging trucks, lorries etc … arghhhh. It was a one whole day session that started at 9:00 am.

Anyway, the place where the photo shoot took place was absolutely wonderful; it was the house of the media company’s boss that organised the session itself…. off a little single lane residential road in a little village, among the woods. With Aston Martin, Z4 Roadster and a black Cayenne S on the driveway, it just tells a lot about the place at the very first instance. Indeed it was…. the house sits on a 10 acre land !

The back garden that we saw was just 1/5 of the land; with a lake at the bottom of it… the rest was just woodland. The owner told me, it took 6 hours to mow the grass (obviously he didn’t do it himself).

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Anyway, the assignment was for a pharmaceutical product’s pamphlets, brochure, GP guide, etc. They had 4 models: 2 adults, 1 teenager and a kid (Kakak). Soon after they started, the blue morning sky turned grey and poured its content, just drizzly at most.

It was a very long day… mainly waiting. We finished at 5:00 pm and my legs are absolutely killing me even now.

Nevertheless, Kakak did well and was praised by everybody, well done! Even Adik was great and enjoyed the day...

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