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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Penantian 135 tahun berakhir....

Semalam menamatkan penantian yang panjang.

Reading FC logoSejak hari pertama wujudnya pasukan ini, 135 tahun yang lampau... kisah petang semalam di bandar Leicester mengotakan harapan dan impian terlalu ramai orang. Reading Football Club yang ditubuhkan pada tahun 1871 akhirnya berjaya memenangi Liga Championship dan akan beraksi di dalam Liga Premiership di musim hadapan.

Tuan punya kelab, Encik John Madejski bergegas pulang dari percutian di India kelmarin untuk menyaksikan hari bersejarah ini; kelab yang diselamatkannya pada tahun 1990 lalu. Pada tahun 1998, beliau mencurahkan hampir £25 juta dari sakunya untuk membina Madejski Stadium (MadStad) yang bertaraf antarabangsa dalam menjangkau impian melangkah ke Premiership. Petang semalam...segalanya berhasil.

Rata-rata seantaro dunia mungkin belum pernah dengar nama Reading FC dan Madejski Stadium, tapi musim depan akan menukar segalanya.....

John Madejski adalah antara orang terkaya di UK. Beliau mandapat rezekinya dari majalah Auto Trader yang beliau mulakan pada tahun 1976 (tahun 1998 beliau menjual majalah ini dgn harga £174 juta), dan di tahun 2000/2001 tinggal di Kuala Lumpur selama setahun dan menubuhkan majalah Motor Trader di Msia.

Monday, March 20, 2006

Working girl

A couple of weeks ago, Kakak was sent to a casting for Clarks International Ltd. They asked her to do hola-hoop and skips of which she did brilliantly. A few days afterthat, her agency rang and asked about availability, followed by another call from Clarks on her shoes and clothes size. That kind of things are normally good development, as far as new assignment is concerned, which simply mean that they're shortlisting and looking into details in finalising their choice of model(s).

Last week her agency confirmed that Clarks has selected her (with four other girls) for their photoshoot. This is to be for their stores' window poster summer promotion.

So, today... Kakak did it all again, this time for real; hola-hooping and skips....for Clarks.

Clarks 01Clarks 02

Saturday, March 18, 2006

B Day

Hari ni tambah satu tahun lagi pada usia atok.... alhamdulillah.

Friday, March 17, 2006

3 ciuman dan aku bergetar

Hari Rabu minggu lepas, di pagi hari .... 3 pompuan telah bagi 'ciuman' di belakang atok.

Tersentak, bergegar, termasuk dan terjungkit...

Inilah jadinya >


Sekarang di workshop, katanya 2 minggu. Sementara itu atok diberi Ford Ka.
Nampak sikit, tapi depan belakang kena tukar. Belakang tu termasuk sikit, jadi kena 'tarik'. Depan tu, bonnet, grille dan bumper kena tukar. Tu tak buka bonnet lagi, mungkin ada internal damage..... macam-macam.

Apa-apa pun, bukan salah atok dan atok tak de apa-apa. Minah di belakang yang 'cium' atok memula tu was taken to the hospital, ada chest pain. Minah belakangnya yang lagi kuat hentam 'bontot' dia sampai remuk pun tak de apa-apa. Dan minah yang paling belakang yang hanya calar sikit je bumper depannya pun tak de apa-apa. Mamat depan atok yang juga tercalar bumpernya (kereta atok tertolak ke depan selepas 3 hentaman belakang) pun tarak pa-pa.

Yang nyusahnya, nak kena isi borang macam-macam; polis + insurance.

Sunday, March 05, 2006


When I was a little boy, I grew up among elder girls (2 elder sisters and 3 elder cousins next door). Hence, I was generally sucked into their world. Yes, I played 'menjual', skip and the rest. Though myself and a year older male cousin next door did do boys stuff, but because we were surrounded by girls, their stuff simply became much more dominant... and of course, the more the merrier.

When the girls were busy pounding the inai leaves and afterwards wrapped their fingers and slept so ever consciously, I followed suit. When the time came for them to get those subang kepit, I put on a pair as well. As for ring, I got my very own custom made silverware with green zamrud when I started school... and from that age of 7, I've always wear rings (I've 3 rings at the mo).

I even learned to knit. We initially practiced with raffia strings before confident enough to use those colourful yarns. Then I learned how to sew. I still remember the day when together with my eldest sis, we tried to make some patterns on Mama's electric sewing machine; we did manage finally, after a few needles got sacrificed. I even learned to do tulang belut on baju kurung (Sadly, I have lost this skill/knowledge since decades ago, the only thing I can recall is, there are 2 types, one is longer/more complex than the other) . Then, we progressed into sulaman. Oh man, that was really tedious.... but I did complete the job; a dual-colour sulaman of my name on a little pillowcase.

And all these were between running around with guns and bombs enacting Combat episodes trying to be Vic Morrow and Rick Jason, as well as jumping down from the top of the stairs as Hayata turned into Ultraman and Tempe Asuka heroically defeated the beast.

A few nights ago, I watched a tv programme about the 80's and couldn't help smiling. I remember those New Wave days very well... the years of Duran-Duran when I donned side parted hair style covering one eye with hanging black trousers, white socks and black shoes. Then, in the UK especially, it was consider trendy for guys to put on make up and wear accessories. No, I didn't abused myself with cheek puffs but I did put celak mekah on my eyes and started to wear brooch. As we all know, the position on top of one's school shirt left pocket is always reserved for the school batch, my handmade authentic Kelantan silvercraft little brooch (either wau bulan or butterfly) went on my right collar. Some might probably laughed at my back but one or two guys did follow suit. And I was indeed proud to put on display an exquisite handicraft from my Tanah Serendah Sekebun Bunga.

Actually, of late, with my body continuously deforming itself with all sorts of bulges everywhere, I am seriously thinking of learning how to make my own garments. My mother-in-law gave me a brand new sewing machine a couple of years ago, but so far it has been rarely used. So far, it was only to trim the length of trousers or mending bits and bobs... nothing much.

The truth is, ready made trousers are either too long and baggy or too short and tight if they were to fit my ever expanding waistline. I told my wife, if I were to enrol into tailoring/dressmaking course at our local adult college, I think I might be the only guy.... and certainly it would be: "Excuse me sir, I think you're in a wrong class" on the very first session. Nevertheless, a few minutes ago, I just browsed into Amazon for shirt/trousers/dressmaking books.

Should I ?
Maybe I could start my own label..... R-toke [belum apa-apa, angan-angan tinggi]