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Friday, November 05, 2004


As mentioned earlier, Kakak was offered a role in The King & I UK Tour, and late last week we received the details. She will start her 2-week rehearsal in January 2005 and start her tour after that. The tour would be 1 week in a month for the next 4 months and a half. She'll be staying at a 1st class hotel, chaperoned and provided with academic tutor.

Her school reopened after a 10-day half term break on Wednesday and I wrote a letter informing and asking the school to give a support letter as required, in order for Kakak to obtain her Performers license and go ahead with this big break.

The headmistress then called my wife voicing her utmost concerned about all these. She stressed that although the children will be provided with academic tutors in groups, because students of Kakak's school are about one year advance compare to normal state school students, Kakak might be bored and dragged down (in term of standard) by the rest in her entourage. [Kakak attends one of the top independent girls schools in the UK]. On top of that, it would be academically quite disruptive to miss school a week every month for such a long period. She agreed that it's not a simple thing to decide, and it is a great opportunity that even adult would be tempted to grab. Though she said, she will write that letter of permission.

It is indeed tough decision. We have to work out a win-win programme for Kakak to go about this matter.

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