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Saturday, June 10, 2006

What a Saturday it was...

It was indeed a full day when...

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingHad to rush to the Town Hall for an open audition of the Aladdin pantomine to be held during Christmas and New Year's period.

Only last nite Kakak finally decided to go for this audition which mean that we have to reschedule our planned visit to San Diego to see Naz.Zie.Umar (sorry tuan, nanti kita discuss a new date).

10am it was, but we had to rush to Tesco for a new dance trousers... my God, the q was mmm... well, it's Saturday, can't complain.

To cut short, we had to run to the town hall. There were hundreds of kids, all hoping to get into the panto... and more importantly, to enjoy themselves doing the audition. They came in various uniforms of their dance/theatre schools.

Finally, after all the usual form filling stuff, the auditorium doors were opened at 10:30am. We were told, it would take about an hour for the first elimination to take place. Off I went... to move the car and window shopping....

An hour later I went back to the Town Hall. A lots of kids were coming out and dispersed into the enormous crowd enjoying the hot sunny afternoon. Kakak was not out yet... mmm. Okay, I said, I'd come back in half an hour. Went to enjoy some performances with the rest of the sunseekers...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting12 noon; town centre started to swell with England football supporters, packing into many pubs and clubs. I went back to the Town Hall... and only a few parents were waiting in the lobby. Kakak was still in the auditorium; door shut and no one was allowed in. I decided to stay... and waited, and waited...

We could hear them singing and dancing; some parents took their peek...
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Finally, at 1:10pm... the auditorium doors flung opened and we were asked to go in. Kakak was selected again (it's the same production company that did Cinderella panto Kakak had before) ! And the first thing the casting guy said, "Hi everybody, I've just ruined your Christmas!".

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingTime for a quick lunch at Pontis, before Kakak's 2:30-5:30pm Stagecoach class. Had tuna melt and pasta, with wonderful vanilla milkshakes...

Then, sent Kakak to her theatre arts school; her principal was so pleased that Kakak got into the panto. She's the only one that got in from her Stagecoach.

Then, headed back home. Reading Regatta 2006 was on just a stone throw away from my doorsteps; a kind of warm-up event leading to the world's famous Henley Royal Regatta nearby.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingDidn't stay long... just took a few snaps. It was indeed a glorious day for such sports. This Regatta started back in 1877. Then, on the regatta event, the town's largest employer, the famous Huntley & Palmer biscuit factory closed for a day.

After that, with Adik & Mummy, dropped by at The Oracle..
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