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Monday, December 17, 2007

sejak dari hari itu...

mmm... dah lama tak update. apa since eh:

memula, hari Rabu 5th Dec hari tu, atok and kakak gi tengok The Golden Compass. Adalah nampak kakak in 3 scenes, jadilah:

> scene bebudak at Bolvanger tulis surat to their parents. yg ni masa the first few seconds of the scene, nampak kakak at the table. tapi side and back view;

> scene bila Lyra masuk ke dining room, kakak can be seen throwing paper ball (about at the centre of the screen); and

> scene bila the escaped kids and Lyra first encountered the Tartars, the very first one. kakak appeared on Lyra right shoulder, i.e. left on the screen. yg ni the most visible lah. tapi probably hanya 2 seconds shj.

dahtu, the Saturday 8th Dec tu, ofis mummy hired a screen at the showcase cinema for 500 guests (partners, senior managers, clients and anak-anak). after the movie, kakak was called to the front utk cabut lucky draws.

hari ahad 9th Dec, keluar for christmas shopping, kakak nak beli hadiah for her friends. mak oooi, ramainya orang, nak jalan pun susah.

hari isnin 10th, kakak ada casting/audition in london for a soon-to-be-up-and-running internet service provider.

then, kakak was not well, hari Selasa tu dah mula demam. malam tu muntah2. gi jumpa GP, katanya kena tummy bug. so, dok rumah... mummy terpaksa worked at home on Wed.

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucketpetang Khamis, kakak ada audition for Clarks International at Danceworks Studio, off Oxford Street, London. nasib baik after 5pm and by that time, kakak pun dah ok sikit. ramai juga kids yg dorang panggil, kena buat in 2 sessions. kakak was on the 2nd. they were put in lines, facing the dance instructor. dia tunjuk a few dance steps, and after a couple of practices... all kids danced to the music and the 'judges' observed. lepas tu, they had to do catwalk. then, the judges deliberated. after that, they separated the crowd into 2 groups... one was asked to move forward (only 8 kids) and the other one (about 20+) was asked to stay at the back of the studio. she went to the back group and said "well done, you've done a great job... thank you for coming, you all can go now". kakak was in the front group, with 7 other kids. well done! (we were not entirely sure of what's next but kakak needs to be available between 17-24th Jan '08). kakak was supposed to be in her school carol service that evening, but with her sore throat... she had to miss it. instead, we went to Holiday Villa for dinner.

last time when Kakak went for Clarks International casting, she got to the final two, and both girls went for the final photoshoot (for window & wall poster). they told us that they would decide later which picture would become the print. so, for many weeks, we kept going into our local Clarks store... straight to the rear (kids dept), looked at the wall... and out. the shop assistants must be wondering, apa lah orang ni, asyik datang tengok poster, bukan tengok kasut. then, one day, there it was... of the other girl :( ... never mind.

Saturday 15th was kakak's Stagecoach end of term show.
Sunday 16th rehat.

ps: duit atok yg dikapuk dek albanian(s?) telahpun dibayar balik oleh bank, alhamdulillah.

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