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Friday, May 25, 2007


Here are two still photos from the coming The Golden Compass movie.

This is the scene when all the Bolvanger Kids stood in line behind Lyra (Dakota Blue Richards), facing the Tartar guards... ready for a battle, soon after they escaped the Bolvanger (in the background) in their pyjamas, where they were kept (upon their kidnap) by Mrs Coulter (Nicole Kidman), head of the Gobblers.

Kakak is 4th from left, with her daemon at her feet (digitally added).

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another one... a long shot; seconds before the battle, when the two leaders went to face each other.

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this scene was actually shot in a huge studio, with fake snow and green background. preparing for this scene, the kids had a two-day workshop with professional stunt people. most of main casts' stunt actions were done by stuntmen/women; lyra for instance had stunt double (an 11-year old UK karate champion), running double, hair double, and a few more doubles. they also used midget stunt people to look like kids.


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