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Friday, April 27, 2007

Double digit

Today, Kakak hits the magic double digit figure.... which also means that we've been parents for a decade...

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and we went to this place for dinner. When Kakak was a little girl we used to dine at the place often, but i think the last time we were there was probably four years ago. I know the owner of this award winning fine dining outlet from our local mosque. Years ago, with three friends, we took our then High Commissioner for a dinner-discussion to the very place, which led to the official birth of Persatuan Masyarakat Melayu UK two weeks later at his residence, Rumah Malaysia.

Anyway, we had steamed seabass + chicken paprik + seafood tom yam + tofu-mixedveggie. But Mummy reckons she had better food at The Ivy the other night.

... and earlier this afternoon, i waved goodbye to everybody at my workplace in Blenheim Park. After 2.5 years driving up to 70 miles a day thru a winding scenic rural road, i'm rejoining a local practice which i left four years ago.


i guess blogextra, the service i've been using for the comment pop-up has vanished from this cyberworld forever.... i've lost all previous comments :(

Yay!! Happy 10 tahun fast lah...ingat lagi masa bini enko pregnant kat uni dulu...he!he!...and i remembered when I took care of Kakak last time...wooa...those were the days.....anyways, congrats on the new job although it is back to your old drove that road that day and it was scary....lega enko eh! Anyways, my trip postpone la...see you in early July...should be goood weather! :)
Happy birthday Kak from your family in San Diego!
happy birthday sarah... from uncle noti, auntie noti, alif n mikail
O-tanjyoubi, omedetou !
( that's Happy Bday in Japanese )

Growing old can be both fun and miserable ..

To Kakak, selamat maju jaya weh.
happy birthday kakak Arissa!
Love from Umar & baby Zaky in La Jolla!
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