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Friday, February 03, 2006


12 CartoonsHari ni serata dunia kecoh... pasal ni.


update: 07/02/2006

I refrained myself from commenting on this explosive issue, hoping that it would die out soon. However, things seem to be fuelling up in many parts of the world with more violent, riots, burnings, chanting and what not of extremism.

So, I guess… I shall jot something here:

I’m not going to discuss about the matter per se; as most of us agree that it was not an issue of freedom of expression/speech but rather of respect and responsibilities. I should say no more.

But what has troubled me is the (over) reactions of the some fellow Muslims globally which have painted a darker colour on the already darken and tainted canvas of Islam in the eyes of fellow (non-Muslim) beings.

I do appreciate many decent and intellectual forums and discussions on tv, radio and internet, but let’s face the fact that only a small percentage of global population do really sit down and listen (or browse) to theses such dialogues. The mass population would rather easily look at those nasty images and read horrible newspaper headlines about how barbaric Muslims are in illustrating their anger; building damaged and torched, churches were vandalised, people killed and not to mention those inflammatory chants and placards… they are simple unjustified.

If for a second, I imagine myself on the other side, it seems to me that:


Which is indeed extremely sad and troublesome. Of course, the media would prefer showing those savvy images and write horrific stories; hey, that’s what sells… not intellectual discussions (albeit a few). Hence, why should we keep feeding them with such things? Or, better still, why do we even create one on the first place?

Last Friday, the International Association of Muslim Scholars called it an
International Day of Anger. I hope they would also call the same, on any day when fellow Muslim(s) committed suicide bombings, or any unjust crime against other innocent beings…. since we Muslims should all be extremely angry with their deconstructive and damaging acts against our belief system... it's choking us all from every direction.

On top of that, the one who are on the frontline are us, Muslims in the Western countries. So much effort we have been putting in living exemplary life; trying to demonstrate that we all can co-exist peacefully... and often have to bend our own norms and requirements to accomodate that. Uneasy they might often be, we've been trying our best, nevertheless.

Yet, every one step forward we manage to progress…. we have been constantly hijacked by our beloved fellow brothers and sisters with such tainted acts which have thrown us ten steps back. It’s indeed hard to win this battle; with unexpected enemies within to deal with.

Whilst our fellow believers could simply shield any reaction from their destructive conducts behind the comfort of their own borders, countries and laws, we are the ones who have to endure the repercussion, the backlash, the intimidation, the prejudice, the abuse etc etc etc. This is extremely unfair……

We might not be the best quality of Muslims in the eye of the masses, but at least we are not destructive… and happy to get on with life whilst in any small possible way trying to show others that at the end of the day, we all longing for peace and happiness.

So, please help ... don't make us all be constantly cartooned.

Peace to all, amin.

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