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Friday, April 29, 2005

Kelek Ko Sekoloh

As reported in Berita Harian yesterday:

Pelajar perintis SMSD adakan perjumpaan

Pelajar perintis Sekolah Menengah Sains Dungun (SMSD) akan mengadakan perjumpaan dengan bekas guru dan bekas pelajar sekolah itu, Ahad ini.

Setiausaha jawatankuasa penganjur, Wan Mohd Nazif Wan Mohd Nori, berkata perjumpaan pelajar kumpulan pertama yang menamatkan pengajian tingkatan lima pada 1986 itu akan diadakan di SMSD.

"Semua pelajar perintis SMSD yang dibuka 23 tahun lalu diminta menghadapi perjumpaan yang julung kali diadakan ini," katanya ketika ditemui, semalam.

Mereka yang ingin menghadiri perjumpaan itu diminta menghubungi jawatankuasa penganjur melalui nombor 019-9173234 (Wan Mohd Nazif), 012-9879904 (Wan Mohd Sabri), 019-9846769 (Khairul Anuar), 013-9456150 (Dr Mohd Fakhruddin Ismail).

Dear friends and former teachers, have fun. Last time a few of you guys met was probably 2 years ago in KL, and it was rather funny spotting who's who from the photo taken. Some have changed so much. A friend we called 'jambul' at school is now with not much hair anymore. Can't wait for the photos and footage of this weekend historical event.

I shall make a phone call and share the wonderful moment from afar, insyaAllah.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


Siamese PrincessKakak is 8 today, and she celebrated the day with her theatre group in Bradford. She was so delighted to be given the surprise cake and present at a restaurant as they were having tea after todays matinee show. They have 2 shows - matinee and evening.... a very tiring day.

Family celebration has to wait until Sunday when she come home.
Next stop.... Nottingham.

Selamat Hari Lahir Kakak

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Venue: Sun Too Restaurant, Tanah Serendah Sekebun Bunga
Year: Mid 70's

In a scorching hot April noon, an elderly man walked into this posh eating place in town. Seated, he ordered his meal and a mug of pulled tea. Finishing his lunch and with his tea half consumed, he kelo the waitress.

Pok Leh: Mek, cha wak maghi kopi gak so....
Amoi: Baik cik.

After a couple of minutes, she delivered a piping hot cup of coffee, in a white porcelain set decorated with blue chinese pattern.

Pok Leh: Ambo mitok kopi mek...
Amoi: Ini kopi lah pokcik. Dia munya susu ado dok bbawoh tu, keno kacha.

Pok Leh: Dok, kopi... kopi... nok wak boh air teh ni, tok abih.
Amoi: ???

Saturday, April 23, 2005


Recently, a visiting friend brought a few stacks of this....

my_ruji Freshly packed at source, Kuala Kemamang, and flown all the way across the globe.... and wait, with a few bonjot of chuke included. What a bliss as this is actually part of my staple food.


During my 5 years of boarding school near the beach of Kg. Sura, this was indeed part of my daily intake without a miss. And we put chu-ke (as the T'ganus say, cholek for Kelantanese, chilli souce for oghe lua) onto everything; rice, noodles, banana fritters, etc etc. T'ganus sometimes prefer to have this thingy in their 'raw' (albeit cooked) state. Some other times, we had it 'raw' simply because we couldn't wait for the pakcik canteen to fry them all.
Those growing up years.... seasoned by the breeze of South China Sea.

Earlier this week, I received an email from a fellow pioneer-batch school friend, Dr Din (the best student of our year). He's organising a get together/reunion on the 1 May at the school. Well friends.... I wish I could be there too.

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Marilah mari...

It's 15 more days to the nation's decision on which party will be next to govern this kingdom, once called great. Last week, Mr Blair launched his last manifesto. Some quarters said it was the longest resignation letter in the British political history. Come what may, the man who has been scrubbing the Yanks' back promised to this land that he shall step down.

Unlike back home, I'm confused of which box to put my cross to. There is:

- no poster at every angle of my vision;
- no banner across the road;
- no flag on tree tops;
- no 'pondok panas';
- no kain batik nor sugar distributed;
- no newly tarmac rural road or newly resurfaced existing roads;
- no cardboard tank/rocket/moon/eye/scale;
- no free meals;
- no promise of the highest paradise (nor condeming others to the deepest hell);

It's all about what has been done (and promised to be done). Every single aspect of life need to be quantified for evaluation. Hence, statistics upon stastistics... number crunching is the game.

.... and for a person who could only count decently up to 10, I'm lost in all these figures, arghhhhh
.... my vote > mmmm....


Image hosted by Photobucket.comtoday i received my election card, to be brought to the polling station on the 5th.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Working kids

Kakak & AdikAfter much consideration and discussion with her school, we decided not to take the offer from the theatre production company to continue with Kakak's involvement in 'The King & I UK Tour 2005' for the second half of the year. Obviously Kakak was a bit sad, but well understood the importance of her education.

Hence, after gone to Liverpool, Eastbourne, Northampton, York and Oxford, she has 2 more venues to do in the coming weeks: Bradford and Edinburgh.

So, we're back to Plan A: sending Kakak back to M'sia for one month during her summer holiday, to spend time with her grandparents, aunties, uncles and cousins.

Apart from that, she'll busy rehearsing for her ballet school theatre performance of 'The Nutcracker' and her medal test. Last December she went through the Royal Academy Of Dance Grading/Exam and to her ballet school principal's delight, Kakak passed with distinction.

What was to be Adik's debut into the child modelling world a couple of weeks ago unfortunatley didn't happen when her agent cancelled the photo shoot at a very last minute. There will always be next time....

Tuesday, April 05, 2005


No, it’s not one of those endangered ‘tepung’ of Tanah Serendah Sekebun Bunga, nor the name of the new Pope awaited by many across the globe.

It’s the sorry state of this chap…

prince charlesFirst, his wedding to his long time lover leaked to the press before it was formally announced. Then, there was a big hu-ha about the wedding. Then, the planned venue of the grand Windsor Castle (where the Queen resides) had to be scrapped due to the law that stipulates when a venue is granted a licence to hold civil wedding, anybody can use that venue. It was then moved to a ‘sub-standard’ guild hall nearby. Then, his beloved mother told us all that she will not be attending the wedding, only a blessing at church afterwards.

Then, there was an issue about the title of his soon-to-be legally wedded wife. Then, out of nowhere popped out an ancient law that gives equal right to his lover’s son to be the heir to the throne, and the boy is indeed older than his. Then, newspaper splashed out photos of his sons’ new girlfriends. Then, at a media session, not knowing that the latest hi-tech digital directional microphone power, he whispered nasty words to one of the journalist, only to be heard around the world.

Now, he has to postpone his wedding this Friday due to the important burial to take place in Rome. All the printed gifts then have to be reproduced (the wrong-date items heard to have been snapped up by collectors).

I'm sure he is indeed a saghu man.