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Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Last night, just before I went up to bed, I flicked thru the tv channels. On channel Five, there was a programme called 'Breaking into Tesco', about contestants who fought to get their products onto Tesco's shelves. As we know, an order from giant Tesco worth millions of pounds. I stoppped flicking my remote just bcoz there, stood in front of the two judges (only caught a few last minutes of the programme), were two entrepreneurs.... one was an 'omputih' lady in a suit and the other was a Chinese woman in a multi-coloured kebaya, Jennie Cook, with a product called Cook's Curry Mee Soup.

At the end of that nerve-wrecking final moment, the Tesco judges said, "Jennie, we would like to work with you!".

The 'omputih' lady was in tears when they interviewed her, coz she had worked so hard for her product. When Jennie, a 56-year old widow who came to England back in 1969, was interviewed, she said (not verbatim):

"This is a victory for myself, and for York, the city that adopted me".... and clinching her fist high up, she finished with "... and more importantly, this is a victory for Malaysia!".

I went to bed high and proud.

Last Saturday, Kakak and her school choir group participated in the annual Woodley Festival of Music and Arts for the '11 years & under category'. They were against 5 other schools and each group sang two songs. At the end of it, Kakak & friends won! Well done girls !!!

Every year, there would be around 500+ girls from Year 6 primary sit for a tough entry exam into the best grammar girls school in Berkshire and one of the best schools in the country, the Kendrick Girls' Grammar School, Reading. Girls came from as far as Oxfordshire, north Hampshire and west London to compete for the elusive 90+ places allocated annually.

Our 'tactic' for sending Kakak to a private primary school from day one was that she would have better education and better prepared for this very Kendrick exam.

Yesterday the result arrived: KAKAK GOT IT !!!
But now, we're still debating whether to put her there or let her stay and carry on with the current private/independent school. Dilemma.

Ha ha ha

ANdai kata si Jennie sebaliknya berkata,

" ... and more importantly, this is a victory for ... TAKBIR !! "

He he he

Selamat 8 Mac.

Entah Atok mengundi atau tidak.
Wow! Another M'sian product on Tesco shelf!:-)
Thank you for the b'day wish Kakak! And congratulations Kakak, won the choir, got to Kendrick! Tanya kakak lah dia nak sekolah mana..:-)
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Atok: CONGRATS to kakak !

I am not surprise if one day, she'll be able to clinch her fist & shout out the same!

ps. ambo nngundi di P098 Segambut
tahniahkakak! and alahai miss lah programme tu! macam mana nak dapatkan detail?
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