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Monday, December 24, 2007

san diego nite

so far, it has been..... mmm, 80% shopping and 20% sightseeing.

La Jolla Cove

and another addition to my list of 'american terms' collected on my every trip here:

"Excuse me, where can I get a trolley?", I asked a shop assistant the other day.
She looked at me, confused... "What?", she replied.
"A trolley, where can I get one?", I said.
Her face was more confused.
"A trolley", I repeated .... and this time pointed to one being pushed by a mexican-looking mum along the aisle.
"You mean, a cart?", she replied.
"Oh yes, a cart, sorry", I said. :)

'trolley' is what they called their tram / light rail system.

atok, just like at save to cart, not trolley...
anyway, like ur pict of sunset. awesome..
tu la, sekali sekala dtg sini, asyik terlupa macam2 terms. kat UK, semua org call it '(shopping) trolley'.

samalah juga:
we say 'nappy', they say 'diaper';
we say 'boot', they say 'trunk';
we say 'mobile', they say 'cellphone'... macam2, poneng eh :)
We hope you all can have a good rest after the flight, and all the 13days packed scheduled of fun, great time!..It was an awesome holiday that we share with you guys! We miss you all! We miss you Arissa & Sofea!..Hope to see you again in the future!!!..(gotta find time to upload bundles of memorable pictures!..:-))
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