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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

it's out...

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The much awaited fantasy blockbuster from the creator of Lord of the Ring, The Golden Compass had its world premier last night at London's Odeon Leicester Square. It will be released to the general public next week, on Dec 5th.

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on another matter, Kakak has been offered by a&j management to be her (another) agent.


Saya di Agensi Nuklear Malaysia, Bangi, kelmarin. Ada event di sana. I was talking to a lady who sold me some books at the jumble sale during the event. Dok borak dengan dia pasal car boot sale. and dia casually mentioned she used to live in Reading dulu. I dok tanya dia kot kot kenal one malay architect ( youlah) di sana.

"Apa pulak tak kenal si Azam tu, I dulu pernah babysit anak dia yang sulung".

Unfortunately, saya lupa nak tanya nama that lady tu.

what a small world!
Hahaha... actuallynya a few did babysit Kakak when she was small, but mmm.. being in Bangi + Agensi Nuklear Msia, I would say, the lady most probably be Kak Asnah.
after seeing the trailer at the movie theater, i was pretty excited about this movie and told both my sons that we would see it next month. but then, i received an email from my son's principal at the masjid warning parents not to take our children to see it because the author is an atheist and in the final book, a boy and a girl kill God so they can do as they please. looks like it's just gonna be me. and the husby gets to stay home with the boys. or maybe they'll go see alvin and the chipmunks. your daughter must've had a blast filming it.
I was one of the Aunties yg babysat Kakak okie.. :) he!he! But it was all fun!

indeed, phillip pullman is a well known atheist, and in this trilogy, The Dark Materials, he did condemn the church (and religion in general). that's why, they had to tone down a lot of religious references when making it into a movie.

personally, i guess, both his books and film(s) should be viewed as PG rated.

filming it: yes, she had wonderful time. but as merely one of the children (Bolvanger kids), she won't be that visible. anxious to see how it come out (will watch later tonite). just like one scene she did for 'Run, Fat Boy Run', when it came out, there was only a split-second of that scene. hope she would be more visible in the coming (next year) 'Hippie-hippie Shake'.
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