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Saturday, December 10, 2005

To the ball.....

Image hosted by Photobucket.comRemember the audition drama Kakak had back in July this year?

Well, finally... after those intensive daily rehearsals Kakak had for the past two weeks, Cinderella pantomine starts today at the Hexagon. Dancing and singing as one of the fairies, Kakak did both of todays shows; 2pm and 6pm. It was nearly full house on the first day, a very good start.

Tomorrow, the other children group will perform. Though it won't be a rest day for Kakak as she will be reheasing for her Royal Academy of Dance (Ballet) exam she'll be taking early next year. Back on stage on Tuesday morning.

Cinderella is played by Michelle Hardwick. Michelle is best known for her role as Lizzie in the hugely popular series The Royal on ITV1. She’s also appeared in Heartbeat, Coronation Street and the BBC drama Shirley as well as performing verse readings on BBC Radio 4.

This panto will be staged daily (except on Christmas day) until the 8th Jan 2006.... hence, no Christmas holiday for us this year.

As normal, there are two kids groups alternating, and Kakak's group will be peforming on:

Tues 13 Dec: 10.15am
Wed 15 Dec: 1.30pm
Fri 16 Dec: 2pm & 7pm
Sun 18 Dec: 2pm & 6pm
Wed 21 Dec: 2pm & 6pm
Thurs 22 Dec: 7pm
Fri 23 Dec: 2pm
Sat 24 Dec: 2pm & 6pm
Tues 27 Dec: 2pm & 6pm
Thurs 29 Dec: 2pm & 7pm
Sat 31 Dec: 2pm
Mon 2 Jan: 2pm & 6pm
Thurs 5 Jan: 7pm, and finally
Sat 7 Jan: 2pm & 6pm

Semua the ball.

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