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Monday, October 31, 2005


Yesterday afternoon, when I was busy trying to finish a presentation drawing for an interior renovation of a banking hall in London my home computer suddenly went kaput, duhhh! Its hard drive drive has been making some funny sounds lately. Now, I can't even get it to boot.... arghhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! It simply says:

A Disk Read Error Occured. Press CTRL+ALT+DEL to restart

Pressing those 3 famous David Bradley keys doesn't do any trick either.... the line above keeps coming.

Maybe it's time to convert: for many years, we've been thinking and admiring that sexy and sleek fruit brand which comes with its G codes.

Anyway, the 2m euros private house I've been working on for the past weeks has its twist today. We received the news that it has been sold, lock stock and barrel.... the land with its planning-approved house design for more than 2.7m euros. Luckily, the new owner does want to work with us. But, as we all know... more changes are coming, arghhhh.

Googled and found a few solutions to my computer problems and had it a go. Got my XP installation cd and run the Recovery Console. Typed chkdsk /r and left it to do what it needed to..... rather very slowly. I was checking the percentage on the screen and it went up a percent in a koala time.

Then... yihaaaaa.... it all came back alive !!!! Fuhhhhh........... all my files, photos, works, contacts, emails etc etc etc are still there. But hey, where is my photoshop presentation file??? Arghhhh... I was colouring it when it all went kaput...

Well, it took me up to 2am to recoloured the thing... and emailed it to the client.

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