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Friday, September 02, 2005

Architects Without Border Helps Rebuild 1,000 Buildings in Aceh

San Fransisco, Indonesia-Relief – Craig William, director of Architects Without Borders (AWB), said his organization will build or rebuild 1,000 building in Aceh, especially schools and orphanages. To finance the project, AWB has received financial support between $3 and $4 million from Steve Olson, a building developer from Southern California.

''Steve Olson from Southern California, who is a developer, has dedicated a sizable amount of money toward reconstruction activities with us….We anticipate the project will cost $3 or $4 million. Steve Olson writes the checks,'' said William in interview with San Fransisco Chronicle on Sunday.

Architects Without Borders, according to William, has our or five projects in Aceh. Since its arrival in Aceh in March, AWB has identified schools, orphanages, and related building as its focus of help.

So far, AWB has spent 25 percent of the committed budget. ''Twenty percent goes into the first phase, which is construction of a clinic, dining hall, kitchen and dorms for 280 orphans. We're designing houses to partner qualified adults with orphans,'' William said.

''The first phase will be done in three to four months. The whole thing will take three to four years. Ultimately we will build and rebuild 1,000 buildings,'' he said, adding that the buildings will have a blending of colonial influence as well as the vestiges of pre-colonial Javanese architecture, and new sustainable technologies.


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