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Thursday, September 01, 2005

Ppakak laghi

Denga nyo, ghama sedagho magho kito alek Baghak ppakak laghi jemeghae maghi elek ning kemagheng; pasa soldadu dok tembok oghe ghato. Aghak nyo, khajae kito ttimbae ghaso... teghimo demo ning mmolek. Boh la mmano patuk, janji ado makae minung nga tepak tido seleso. Demo tu bukae sajo-sajo laghi tingga kapong, harto bendo... tapi nok selamak kae nyawo.

[News tricked in; a number of families from Southern Thai has crossed the river at the border to Malaysia, escaping the latest military operation recently launched. Hopefully, our government will be reasonable enough to accept and house them humanly where they would have proper food and a place to rest. Indeed, they didn't just happily left their beloved villages and all the belogings; their very lives were at stake]

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