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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Hoodie and Respect

Over the past few days, the issue of hooded tops and baseball caps has dominated many discussions in Blighty land. In curbing the ever growing yob culture, the Bluewater shopping centre has banned the two items in its building.

Regardless, on the weekend, we went to visit the famous man in green hood. It was unplanned, but we thought it was a good idea to bring my sis-in-law to see Kakak's performance at the Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham.

Market_SqThis city has changed so much since I first set foot there back in winter '93. Then, a planned couple of day trip ended up as a two-week stay at my childhood friend (and new friends) and cousin's place near the Victoria Bus Station. It was my first new year celebration in Blighty land in front of the towering Roman pillars at the Old Market Square, when Msian (male) students took the once a year oppurtunity to kiss as many girls within that few celebrating minutes.

The city now has a spanky modern tram system and many new modern buildings, from Ice Rink to posh apartments. My search for the Malay-speaking (a few commercially important words) stall vendor who sells lace at Victoria Market unfortunately was greeted by 'Refurbishment' notice of the whole market.

So happen that the latest Labour's agenda upon winning its historical 3rd term is all about creating the 'culture of respect', as outlined by the Dear Ma'am earlier today. Across the Atlantic, a newly elected Labour-reject, Respect MP, George Galloway took the Yanks' challenge in a blazing manner. On a whole, as many said, he successfully got what he wanted, i.e. press coverage and exposing the Yanks. He fought well. I guess, the Senate found out that this George is indeed a straight talker, no fuss and a very articulated and informed politician, unlike their own cowboy George.

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