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Monday, May 30, 2005

Goodbye Mrs. Anna

Saturday Night: Edinburgh, Scotland

K&I Stage

As the final curtain came down, holding hands with the other royal children, Kakak bowed for the last time on the grand stage of ‘The King & I’ at Edinburgh Playhouse.

Offered to stay, only a quarter of the kids in the touring party will be renewing their performance licence for the second half of the year. The rest will return to their normal daily routines…

After spending their time together for the last six months, goodbye was very hard for the kids indeed. The very last day was full of tears; they cried all day. The lady in charge had to give them a little talk; there was no way they were going on the stage with those tears (and howling). Hard as it was, they managed to be professionals; wiped their tears off and gave their very last exquisite performance.

King and Children

Till we meet again somewhere somehow… best wishes to all the (ex) Royal Princes and Princesses of Siam. Well done and goodbye…

visit: The King & I UK Tour 2005

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