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Monday, May 30, 2005

Goodbye Mrs. Anna

Saturday Night: Edinburgh, Scotland

K&I Stage

As the final curtain came down, holding hands with the other royal children, Kakak bowed for the last time on the grand stage of ‘The King & I’ at Edinburgh Playhouse.

Offered to stay, only a quarter of the kids in the touring party will be renewing their performance licence for the second half of the year. The rest will return to their normal daily routines…

After spending their time together for the last six months, goodbye was very hard for the kids indeed. The very last day was full of tears; they cried all day. The lady in charge had to give them a little talk; there was no way they were going on the stage with those tears (and howling). Hard as it was, they managed to be professionals; wiped their tears off and gave their very last exquisite performance.

King and Children

Till we meet again somewhere somehow… best wishes to all the (ex) Royal Princes and Princesses of Siam. Well done and goodbye…

visit: The King & I UK Tour 2005

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Hingga Akhir Nanti....

At about 2pm I called Kak Teh;
'U dah ada kat sana ke?' was her first words.
'Taklah, kami kat rumah ni, jadi ke the concert?', I replied.
'Jadi, jadi... jom lah', she said.
'Tengoklah, kalau rajin', I said...
Well, actually, we were all ready to hit the North London Southeast Asians happening place then...

So, at about 3pm we went, thru a relatively quiet Saturday M4 motorway... oh yes, many were getting ready for the great showdown at Cardiff. When we got to the Oriental City, the show has just started a few minutes earlier, great. There were many familiar faces, from the Embassy and MSD.. including our Ambassador. All to walk thru the memorylane... the 80's. My schooldays... when we listened to their beautiful songs on the corridor under a full moon, in a low volume, as it was well after 11pm, and we didn't want to upset the prefects nor the warden....

Suara kekasih...
yang memanggil daku....
suara kekasih...
di malam yang indah...
Indeed it was a wonderful night; the moon was at its fullest and the horizon of South China Sea was filled with flickering lights from hundreds of boats, as the passing breeze cooled us all. It was the annual 'chandat sotong' season with its spectacular view we enjoyed year after year from the corridors of our hostel, a stone-throw away from the great sea. A place where we slept with the lullaby of the whispering waves.

tapi sayangnya...
alunan ombak....
yang memecah diri...
sangka ku...
suara kekasih
yang memanggil daku...

Trima kaseyyyyyy...... David & Loga (and the group), you guys did rock the place today.

Hope to see you back here again soon, save journey back to Penang.

and i HAVE to say this,
David.... your daughter is an absolute stunner!

Update: as reported in Berita Harian >

Friday, May 20, 2005

aj (architects journal) broke the news to the world in its yesterdays edition. The world known Malaysian architect, famous for his bioclimatic, ecologically sound skyscrapers and green design approach, Dr. Ken Yeang (of T.R. Hamzah & Yeang office in Ampang) is almost set to join a British firm, Llewelyn Davies, as a partner. Though the exact development of this issue is still kept well away from the public, the publication suggested that a new name for the practice might be Llewelyn Davies Yeang. It further says that the future of 70 workforce at Ampang is not yet clear but most certainly will not be effected by this move. He first met Tengku Dato' Robert Tengku Hamzah [of Tanah Serendah Sekebun Bunga] at the illustrious Architectural Association in London where they both studied, and some 20 years ago, together set up their practice in Ampang, near to his internationally recognised residence.

T.R. Hamzah & Yeang has over the past years gave Malaysian buildings many international exposures - the Roof Roof House, IBM Tower, Mesiniaga building, Guthrie Pavilion and Menara UMNO Penang among others featured in various architectural journals and magazines. Flip through any bio or green design books nowadays and the name Ken Yeang would definately be among the pages, not to mention a few publications of his own.

Reasons for his move is still a mystery but he has actually been collaborating with Llewelyn Davies for years on various projects, in addition to his frequent visits to the UK for his annual lecture at his alma mater, the AA, and his visiting lecturer position at Sheffield University. In addition, he does has a registered office in London, Ken Yeang International, besides Japan, China, Germany and Australia. And of course, he has a sister living in this country apart from himself has the Right of Abode.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comIn my opinion, his Ampang practice has been so far driven internationally by Yeang, whilst the other partner has been very good in managing and running the office; a brilliant partnership. I might be wrong. Whatever the outcome might be, all the best to both. And hopefully Yeang too, in the future, as achieved by his fellow Penang-born: the shoemaker, be in Her Majesty's award list one day.

Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Hoodie and Respect

Over the past few days, the issue of hooded tops and baseball caps has dominated many discussions in Blighty land. In curbing the ever growing yob culture, the Bluewater shopping centre has banned the two items in its building.

Regardless, on the weekend, we went to visit the famous man in green hood. It was unplanned, but we thought it was a good idea to bring my sis-in-law to see Kakak's performance at the Royal Concert Hall, Nottingham.

Market_SqThis city has changed so much since I first set foot there back in winter '93. Then, a planned couple of day trip ended up as a two-week stay at my childhood friend (and new friends) and cousin's place near the Victoria Bus Station. It was my first new year celebration in Blighty land in front of the towering Roman pillars at the Old Market Square, when Msian (male) students took the once a year oppurtunity to kiss as many girls within that few celebrating minutes.

The city now has a spanky modern tram system and many new modern buildings, from Ice Rink to posh apartments. My search for the Malay-speaking (a few commercially important words) stall vendor who sells lace at Victoria Market unfortunately was greeted by 'Refurbishment' notice of the whole market.

So happen that the latest Labour's agenda upon winning its historical 3rd term is all about creating the 'culture of respect', as outlined by the Dear Ma'am earlier today. Across the Atlantic, a newly elected Labour-reject, Respect MP, George Galloway took the Yanks' challenge in a blazing manner. On a whole, as many said, he successfully got what he wanted, i.e. press coverage and exposing the Yanks. He fought well. I guess, the Senate found out that this George is indeed a straight talker, no fuss and a very articulated and informed politician, unlike their own cowboy George.

Thursday, May 05, 2005


pooling stationThis was what greeted me as I approached the place earlier this afternoon, only 100metres from my door steps. With its door opened until 10pm, there was plenty of time for people to fulfill their duty to the country. And we all shall wake up tomorrow morning to a new beginning....

On a parallel universe, in many schools across this country, general election has given them a greater opportunity to learn and understand more about politics and government. Many schools run their own mini elections at the same time; jumping into the bandwagon of the election fever and promoting interest among pupils to a better understanding of the basic political game.

Kakak's school has done the same. Over the past few weeks, they've been learning about politics, democracy, parliment and the structure of government. I guess, when I was 8 year old, politics/election was for me, merely posters and 'pondok panas'. For Kakak's year, the 3 parties contested - Tidy, Fit, and Healthy - have been putting lots of posters and conducting campaigns. Today, as the nation did, they too crossed their little ballot papers whilst Kakak was one of the Returning Officers. She counted the votes and verified the winner. Only not to be told to anyone as only tomorrow the teacher will announce it all.

"I believe totally in a Capitalist System, I only wish that someone would try it" - FLlW