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Tuesday, June 29, 2004

Sports and Stunned

This morning was Sports Day for Kakak (my elder daughter) and they all had good fun with the games. As usual, the girls are grouped into teams and they did the games on a rotation basis over a certain time for each. The Lower I girls took in charge running the games smoothly. It was good fun, and the weather was great too.

Later in the afternoon, we had parents meeting with the teachers. As this 03/04 academic year is coming to the end next Wednesday when they break up for a long summer holiday, we were briefed by the teachers who are going to take over for the next class; the general syllabus, the expectations, the ways things are run, etc.

At the end of the session, all of us were shocked to hear that there will be a substantial number of new students joining the year. At the moment, Kakak's year has a total of 34 pupils divided into 2 classes. But comes September, there will be all together 46 pupils divided into their 2 new classes! ... and parents went absolutely ballistic. The all nice and cheerful meeting unfortunately ended in a bit sour mood. Parents will definitely lodge formal complains to the school administrator over this matter ....

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