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Sunday, November 02, 2003

A Great Blessing

Alhamdulillah, last nite we had the pleasure of entertaining a great guest; the erudite young Msian scholar, Muhammad Afifi al-akiti (of Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies) and family for iftar and maghrib prayer. Afterthat we all, Reading Msian Muslim, gathered at another Msian's new abode... for Isyak, terawikh, short marhaban/mawlid for my little princess (+naming ceremony) and tahlil; a great occassion to capitalise a rare presence of the highly respected scholar in Reading. It was only around 1:30am when we got home, a quite normal departure time on everytime when we've been with Sidi Afifi; listening to his beautiful elaborate nasihah and answers to our many questions.

Jazakallah Sheikh for your willingness to squeeze a little of your ever busy and demanding schedule, for us here. InsyaAllah, we'll organise a proper mawlid session next time (p/s: N, don't forget the kompang).

Listen to a mawlid (Talama Ashku Gharami; one of the favourites).

>>> Sofea Alyssa Emelie, little sister of Sarah Arissa Eleni.

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