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Wednesday, September 10, 2003

Well done to the minnows !

Although its total population is not even a third of the crowd number at Old Trafford tonite, Liechtenstein proudly managed to hold the Three Lions at bays during the first half. It took Owen and Rooney to cast a new post-war record for England; an 8 straight win. Yet, nobody would argue that the minnows had done a great job, especially the defenders and keeper. Well done to a tiny nation with its national anthem in the same tune as God Save the Queen.

Sukru Saracoglu Stadium waits.


RIBA finally replied to my email earlier today. And yes, they will send me all the missing RIBA Journals past issues (since early this year). Though I'm still wondering why it suddenly stopped arriving at my doorstep on the first place. As a corporate member, the journal is free..well, part of the fees paid. In addition, they sent me the forgotten password for me to log into its 'members only' section in the website.

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