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Tuesday, August 05, 2003


The heatwave continues. At least we're experiencing the better of it, i.e., juz the heat... not the draught + forest fires like in the mainland europe. It's around 32degC today I think. Tomorrow will be at 36degC max... UK all time record is 37degC.

A neighbour a few doors away came knocking at our door this morning with her little daughter, asking mine if she wanted to follow them to the River Thames (a stone throw away)... to feed the swans + ducks with some breads. Off they went, after some application of sun block cream + sun hat.

It's my other half's birthday today. So we went for a lunch at the London Street Brasserie, by the canal: grilled sardin, deep fried seabass, pasta + iced tea. Came back and had a cold shower...what a pleasant feeling.

Dinner was at the Yellow River Cafe: Indonesian mee goreng. The assistant manager (from Penang) was not in today, otherwise we would have got a few 'extras', as always.

Reading a book on Art Nouveau at the moment.

"Soups and broths have fed workers and leaders alike since time can remember. Who are we to change history."
- Ken Hom

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