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Friday, August 08, 2003

aRCHitect(ure?) reBOOTed

I've been slagging too much...not putting anything here over the past few days...

Wed: the mercury went up to the 36.4C mark, failed to break the all time record set in 1990 of 37.1C. It was scorching, and our visits to a few major superstores were absolutely frustrated; all fans and portable air-conds were sold out! Some even put up a notice at their entrance doors...

Thurs: temp was better (a bit lower) than wed, fuhh. a long time friend suddenly rang my mobile!: "bila sampai, apa kau buat kat london ni???". "aku datang dengan boss ni, adalah project sikit." he said. we then met up at the Holiday Villa for lunch (Penang Kway Teow)... and talked about 'the project'. then, I went along to help them on their work. at the end of the day, a position was offered to me. we further discussed about the possibility of working as a team at the Mawar Restaurant, after a quick run to a print shop near Selfridges at Oxford Street. came back home to think about the proposition....should i? mmm....

Today: another hot day. went to pick up Naz who wanted a lift for Jumaat prayer. the packed prayer hall was even more stuffy and unbearable; a few small fans along the wall just not enough to cool us all. drawings of proposed extension + renovation of the Jame' Mosque have been on the wall for quite sometimes, yet the fund is still inedequate. few young faces from Hisbut-Tahrir, as always, distributed their flaming flyers outside the mosque after the solat. then, we dropped by at a motorcycle centre for Naz to get a few things for his 400cc red beast. i'll stick with my cute little Smart car, for now.

'water broke!" : yes, when we got to Naz's place... his heavily pregnant wife was on the phone, asking her midwife. then, the little panic started... packed her bag and stuff, and off they drove to the labour ward. later i found out that that the little boy is not coming out just yet... insyaAllah tomorrow. all the best....we all will be waiting for a new addition to our little Malaysian community.

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