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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Show times

The Director and his team have, last night, finalised the children groups and performance rota. Kakak will be the eldest siamese princess whilst Adik the youngest on these dates (out of 20 shows):

Friday 12th June - Evening (Opening Night)
Saturday 13th June - Matinee
Saturday 13th June - Evening (Press Night)
Wednesday 17th June - Matinee
Wednesday 17th June - Evening
Sunday 21st June - Matinee
Thursday 25th June - Evening
Sunday 28th June - Matinee

Tickets can be bought here.


The production is directed by Jeremy Sams, whose recent directing credits include The Sound of Music (West End, Toronto, upcoming UK tour), and Noises Off (West End and on Broadway), with musical direction by Gareth Valentine whose recent credits include Strictly Gershwin and Chicago. Designer Robert Jones' recent credits include The Sound of Music and On The Town and choreographer Susan Kikuchi has been involved in no less than nine international productions of The King and I as either performer or choreographer.

Event Promoter : Raymond Gubbay


Sunday, May 24, 2009


Sunday Times today

Too bad they didn't use the one that Adik was in too :(


Saturday, May 16, 2009

Hari ni our 2 girls start their rehearsal @ 3 Mills Studios, East
London for the coming 'The King & I' theatre production at the Royal
Albert Hall, next month.

They were also chosen for the press photocall later this afternoon.

Whilst they were at the studios, we sampled a plate of (halal) KFC at
Bethnal Green; dah byk tahun tak pekena. Next one mungkin the halal
McD at Southall la pulak :)

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The kids had fun with Maria Friedman (Anna) & Daniel Dae Kim (King Mongkut) during the photo shoot.

Also in the studio was an impressive scaled model of the set; with water, boats, lanterns, golden canopy etc.

More info here; click onto the 'Audio' menu and listen to interviews with Daniel and Maria.