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Sunday, January 07, 2007

I had been on cold turkey for quite sometime; my dosage of daily ganja had long gone… many months ago in fact. I've been through the kitchen store many times, with hope that there would be even a half pack hidden somewhere. Similarly, I've rumbled through all the compartments in the fridge a few times. Nothing... zilch, nada, habuk, not even a slice.

Yesterday, it rained most of the day… as in my homeland of Tanah Serendah Sekebun Bunga. During my younger years, puyae boh like this, we lived on ubi kayu, sardin, telur masin, ikan kering, ikan jeruk aka ikan budu, and telur…. well stocked weeks before the anticipated annual monsoon. What more could be refreshing than enjoying hot food or snack on the veranda whilst the sky kept pouring day in and night. No running around the compound playing Combat, nor kicking ball.... though the sight of Tempe Asuka & friends on the tele brought much joy.

So, yesterday afternoon I rushed to our local oriental supermarket and got all the necessary ingredients to free myself from this long enough deprivation of my staple food.

It took a good hour of de-boning, blanding, mixing, rolling, boiling and finally frying, before I could see the result….

Eureka, I did it !!!

khepok gotae

... and it tasted as good.

My two girls who are similarly addicted to this, came to help with the rolling in the kitchen.

"Does it need to be the same shape, Daddy?", asked Kakak.
"No, you can make it whatever shape you like", I said.

So, they did....

kakaks khepok

and I've found my new weekend routine.

Kelantanese named this delicacy whilst rolling the dough, hence khepok gotae, whilst Tganungfolks named it much later in the process, when they were curled in the round woven basket, hence lekor.

Kelantanspeak glossary
puyae = musim
boh = bah = banjir
gotae = gentel

Tganungspeak glossary
lekor = lingkar

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