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Friday, July 15, 2005

Ready, roll ... action!

It was on Tuesday evening whilst we were relaxing at the apartment in Marbella when Mummy got a voice message on her mobile. It was Debbie, Kakak's agent, asking Mummy to ring her back as soon as possible, even if it was at 2am, she said. Ahhh, another last minute job for Kakak, we said. As happened a few times before, Debbie called a day or two before an assignment day and we (well, mainly Mummy) frantically had to adjust our schedule in ferrying Kakak to studios.

Anyway, Mummy called straight away. Debbie informed that she had promoted Kakak to GMTV's weekend kids programme, Toonattik. Whilst other kids had to go through an audition process on the previous day (Monday), together with an excellent recommendation from the director of a kids magazine Kakak modelled previously, Debbie managed to convince GMTV to take Kakak for this assignment... even without them seeing her.

So, this morning Mummy drove Kakak to the shooting place near Hendon, North London. It was for a trailer of a new segment in Toonattik (from 'Toon Fanattik'). Four kids in their pajamas fooled around with the two presenters, Jamie Rickers & Anna Williamson, at a nice house they rented for the setting.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThe trailer (oghe Klate kato 'gezek') will be on GMTV starting next weekend with the actual shooting for the segment taking place in the early August.

Kakak did well and was praised by the director and the presenters. Well done!!!

And tomorrow is another hard day; her annual ballet medal test. All the best.

Hence, no August Malaysian holiday for Kakak, as previously planned. Next year lah ye.

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