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Friday, July 15, 2005

Back to a new UK

We left for Costa del Sol on the early morning of July 7th for the 7:45am flight to Malaga from Gatwick Airport. By the time we landed, the London tragedy has already caught the world.

I was first made aware of the disturbing episode when I switched on my mobile phone whilst waiting for our luggage; first, a text from SK of Lancaster. Then, another from the intel at our Msian Embassy in London. From that point, my phone simply didn't stop beeping.... I must have around 10 text messages within that short period of time whilst at the airport; mainly from family and friends back home who were frantically trying to reach us for the past 2 hours when we were in fact on the air and unreacheable.

Today, we safely got back home... but to a new United Kingdom. From that fateful morning, this island won't be the same again. May God help us all.

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