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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Audition drama

Malam tadi, macam biasa, dah last minute... barulah kami nak kecoh.
Kakak's ballet school has suggested 4 students from her class/age group to attend an audition for a panto to be staged at our local theatre, and Kakak is one of them. The audition was this morning at the Town Hall.

So, last night, mummy and daddy surfed the net looking for mp3 file of 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow' song of which she had to sing, in addition to dance and others. After a few glitch, daddy got the file. So, mummy proceeded with coaching.

Soon, Kakak cried... 'I can't do it', she gave up. Well, I guess, pushing an eight year old girl to be Judy Garland was quite a tall order. Nevertheless, mummy was cool and managed to persuade Kakak to continue, in her 'huk, huk' state and cracking voice. It wasn't looking good at all. By then, I decided to get some food from the local Indian; pilau rice, persian chicken and popodum were Kakak's orders.

Half an hour later, when I got back, Kakak came running down the steps...
"Daddy! I memorised it all by heart now!", she said.
"Well done! Go on then... ", I said.
and she sang the whole song ... rather beautifully.
It was quite late when we all finished our dinner. Mummy checked the paper again, it said:

The audition will be held at the Town Hall Reading at 10.00 am onward on July 2nd 2005.
Children will be required to sing the first part of 'Somewhere Over the Rainbow', be prepared to dance and speak.

Please wear suitable dance attire with hair neatly groomed.

Laaaaa.... 'the first part' of the song sahaja. Kesian Kakak, kena paksa nyanyi to the end. Well, apa nak buat... dah habis nyanyi pun and Kakak dah lena tidoq.

This morning, biasalah, with the kids... nak bersiap satu hal. By the time we got to the Town Hall, it was about 10.20am. Well, we thought '10.00am onwards', so takpa lah datang lambat sikit. We were wrong. It did start at 10am, when all the children were briefed and shown the dance routine they needed to perform. In fact, the first group had already been called into the audition room. Luckily, there was a second group waiting... and 3 other girls of Kakak's dance school were part of it. Fuh... lega.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comThe girls practised their routine in the corridor, and were kind enough to show Kakak the steps. Being Kakak, she wasn't really serious in practising and gettign it all right, rather busy playing with Adik.

Soon, they were called in.

Half an hour later, a group of girls came out. They were all dismissed. Kakak was still in the room though. Her friends told mummy, Kakak cried because she couldn't do the dance routine! We sort of knew that was going to happen... when she wasn't that bother to practice and be serious before she went in. But her friends said, Kakak was however, asked to do other routine that she knew of...

About 20 minutes later, a lady-in-charge came out and asked all parents of children who were still in the room to go in. So, mummy went. A few minutes later, they came out.
Kakak got the part!

Hang on a minute.... she couldn't do the dance routine and cried. But was shown and asked to do other routines (of which she did fine indeed).... and got the part. We felt that, her friends were somehow 'cheated'. Yet, a late girl who didn't know the routine, cried... and got it. In fact, a couple of them were indeed really good in their routine. Well, the casting panel might have different views of which we'll never know. We're not complaining....

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAnyway, rehearsal for the panto will commence in November, and the show will start in December > Cinderella.

WELL DONE !!! again...

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