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Saturday, June 18, 2005

What a day...

Fuhhh.... penat sungguh hari ni.
Pepagi lagi dah bersiap-siap, ke Kota London. Takde la jauh; cuma 40 miles away sahaja and we've done it so many times. Cuma pasal ada appointment ni, nak kena be there on time lah.

First stop was at Connaught Street for the 11am appoinment. We managed to get there right on the dot; though not without slamming down the pedal along the M4. Luckily Saturday morning traffic wasn't that bad.

Had problem with parking meter, telan some money without giving us a ticket, haiya. So, mummy had to search for another space. Luckily she found one just across the street. London.... don't play-play with parking ah, their traffic wardens are super extremely efficient. Had our car clamped once, in front of the M'sian Embassy > terbang 165 ! Nasib baik cepat, kalau tak dah lesap kena angkat; itu kalu mau 200+++

Image hosted by Photobucket.comIt was a few weeks ago when the great shoemaker spotted the little girl at the Oriental City during Alleycats mini-consert. He said to his sidekick KT that the little girl has a very special look.

Soon, his sidekick introduced the girl to him. He said it again, "You are special". They chatted, took photos, etc. He then gave his silver business card to her mummy and asked to give him a call and make appointment to visit his shop, as he wanted to make her a pair !!!

So today, as arranged by his ever glamourous sidekick, it all happened. The world famous yet humble and soft spoken man - his creative products sought after by the rich and famous - measured Kakak's feet, gave her present and took more photos together.

This would be the very first pair made for kid under his tag!

Image hosted by Photobucket.comEven mummy couldn't help admiring and falling in love with a nice pink pair. But... try je lah kan. "Nampak macam besar sikit, kan?", I said. "Ala, macam tak boleh alter", replied mummy. Mmmm...

Next stop was Mawar Restaurant for lunch together with KT. Art Fazil soon came in and chatted with KT about his planned Malay Festival in London this September. He would also sing at Mawar later in the evening.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAfterthat, KT suggested Hyde Park; where the kids could play whilst she could do her work. Mak datuk, with flaming temperature of 31degC... the place was absolutely packed.

We went to the Diana's Memorial Playground. It was a great place for kids; with Peter Pan pirate's ship, swings, slides, tee-pees etc etc.

Spending rather a nice time under the shade of a tee-pee, with KT doing her syair work, we were soon hushed out by the park attendant, "This place is for kids, not for parents to sit in", hahaha. No wonder there were so many kids came around and jenguk in, only to find two ladies and a man with a toddler... enjoying their chat.

Image hosted by Photobucket.comAt 6pm, after a treat of ice-cream at Whiteleys from KT aka Makcik Blur (tima kasih daun keladi) ... we were off again to another location to meet a visiting great man & his family. Treated with a very nice dinner of nasi tomato with wonderful simple passembor dessert, we felt a bit malulah, kami kat sini pun tak masak camni... orang dtg all the way from Msia pun boleh masak so nice. Yum yum yummy...

We stayed there until it was well near midnite; entertained with humourous tales from the newspaper world; from KT, AG and our Dato' (who is also neighbough to my in-laws at Taman Golf, Ipoh). What a brilliant time we had. Bukan senang dapat dengar cerita-cerita orang suratkhabar ni... very menarik oooo.

It was 1 am when we finally reached home..... aaaaa.... so penattttt one lah (yet can still write some more ah).

Thank you KT, Dato' JC, AG and Dato' Lat, what a brilliant day it was!

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