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Tuesday, April 19, 2005

Marilah mari...

It's 15 more days to the nation's decision on which party will be next to govern this kingdom, once called great. Last week, Mr Blair launched his last manifesto. Some quarters said it was the longest resignation letter in the British political history. Come what may, the man who has been scrubbing the Yanks' back promised to this land that he shall step down.

Unlike back home, I'm confused of which box to put my cross to. There is:

- no poster at every angle of my vision;
- no banner across the road;
- no flag on tree tops;
- no 'pondok panas';
- no kain batik nor sugar distributed;
- no newly tarmac rural road or newly resurfaced existing roads;
- no cardboard tank/rocket/moon/eye/scale;
- no free meals;
- no promise of the highest paradise (nor condeming others to the deepest hell);

It's all about what has been done (and promised to be done). Every single aspect of life need to be quantified for evaluation. Hence, statistics upon stastistics... number crunching is the game.

.... and for a person who could only count decently up to 10, I'm lost in all these figures, arghhhhh
.... my vote > mmmm....


Image hosted by Photobucket.comtoday i received my election card, to be brought to the polling station on the 5th.

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