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Friday, December 17, 2004

Sawadee ka

Last week we received Kakak's tour schedule. For those who missed my previous entry, Kakak will be in The King & I UK Tour (theatre production) next year.

The children will be divided into 2 groups and perform separately. At certain venues, only one group will perform and at others they'll devide the showtimes between them. They're named 'Siam' and 'Bangkok'. Kakak is in the 'Siam' group with 5 others.

So, the schedule looks like this.

Rehearsal in London: Starts daily on Jan 5 2005 for 2 weeks.
'Siam' will then do:
- Liverpool: Jan 22. Press night on Jan 24;
- Eastbourne: Feb 15-17, 24-26;
- Northampton: Mar 15-19;
- York: Mar 31 - Apr 2;
- Oxford: Apr 7 - 9;
- Bradford: Apr 19 - 23, and finally
- Edinburgh May 24 - 28.

All are invited to the shows.
hai ubat hai ubat
mari beli ubat
kalaulah telambat
tak dapat....

The info pack also includes among other things, the rules and regulations such as the use of mobile phones to contact the kids, list of hotels they'll be staying, what to bring, etc. They'll have their own minder/chaperone who is also a teacher and will continue their education as they tour. Children will return home to their normal routine in between performances. Payment is per performance, but we're quite surprised how 'little' they're paid with such hard work. Kakak gets far better doing magazine photoshoots (£50/hour). But, this tour is a great oppurtunity not to be missed.

So, it looks like the next academic term (the last in this academic year) would be really tough for Kakak, and we don't really know how it's gonna be like for us as a family. This is the first time Kakak will be away. Not having the luxury of domestic helper, nanny, other siblings or parents/grandparents around, we've, so far, no choice but to go everywhere together all the time. Kakak, for instance, has been dragged into our numerous office functions and grown-ups activities since birth.

We shall see...

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