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Monday, December 27, 2004

Gran día de fiesta

Last week we had a wonderful break at Costa del Sol, Southern Spain, by the Med Sea. Weather was great; at about 15C - 18C daytime where we could go about in t-shirt and a tad nippy in the evening which only required sweater or light jacket. It was their low season, so, the place was not cramped as during other times. The costa is a paradise for golfers that recently it has also been known as Costa del Golf. Unfortunately, I'm not one.

We didn't do much activity though, just relaxed (and ate lots of fresh seafood). Hired an A-Class and went around to nearby places like Ronda, Benahavis, Marbella and the famous Puerto Banus, home to some of the most impressive yachts in theworld.

Ronda was about 50km away; a very winding drove up through the mountains of the Sierra Bermeja, and then descended into the Serrania de Ronda and the town itself. Half way there, we all felt sick coz of the winding. The town is famous of its oldest bullring in Spain and for the plunging river gorge known as El-Tajo. It was one of the most impregnable places to the Christian armies that they only managed to 'reconquer' it at the very last end. A church was then built on the site of an old mosque.

We drove uphill for 10 minutes to Benahavis (from Arabic 'Bin al-Abyss', i.e. anak lelaki Abyss) for a late lunch. It was a typical Spanish mountain village with narrow winding cobbled streets and terrain hugging white painted houses.

Puerto Banus is just a place for deep pockets people who park their lovely yachts and luxury boats. Parking spaces along the marina were filled with men's super toys like Ferrari, Brabus Merc, and others. We were told that those nightclubs (and there are a lot) along the marina have two entrances; one fronting the prestigious and more glamourous waterfront, and the other one via backlane. In the evening, those deep pockets people with their designer outfit and supertoys would enter from the seafront whilst the rest (like many of us) would go in via the less grand 'backdoor' entrance. Though strangely, they both simply mingle when inside. We just had seafood dinner at one of the restaurants/cafes fronting the marina, cukuplah.

It was a great holiday, and surely we will return.
A week simply not enough, especially now that we know more of things to do around there.

p/s: now that the tsunami thing has scared me of seafronts... pulak dah.

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