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Wednesday, July 23, 2003

Alma Mater

Yesterday afternoon I had the opportunity to visit my alma mater. The Head of Dept brought me around to show 'new' stuff; new CAD Suite with its hi-tech fittings, new workshop, etc. Then, we had lunch whilst sitting and chatting at the central green. Things have changed a lot since my student days at Gipsy Lane. The peaceful mid summer day was occasionally broke by laughter and pranks by those 'summer english school kids'; an annual summer thingy at many British universities. I'm sure the uni earns a lot from these foreign kids; italian, french, taiwanese, spanish, japanese ... you name it, they all came to embrace the language of the world: english.

PhD... was the matter that brought me back to my alma mater. Yes, I'm thinking of going back to school and be a student again. How? Where? When? Mmm... things I've to sort out. Again, money matters.

"The heart is the chief feature of a functioning mind" - FLlW

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