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Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Melayu UK officially launches Melayu UK Students Support Team (MUSST)

Press Release. 04.01.2008

On 5th January 2008, Melayu UK will enter a new era by officially launching the Students Support Team.

Suhaib Shafii, President and Founder of Melayu UK Students Support Team (MUSST) said,
“Melayu UK is a proactive organisation that takes its responsibility to Malaysia seriously. MUSST primarily aims to bridge the gap between the British community and the Malay students [from Malaysia] so that Malay students can benefit more from their stay in Britain. The British network is rich in transferable skills that Malay students can grasp, develop and bring back to Malaysia hence adding value towards their contribution to Malaysian development.”

MUSST is a platform tailored to support the personal growth of Malay students. It also acts as a hub to exchange information, advice and personal experiences amongst Malay students.


1. Melayu UK Students Support Team (MUSST) is a subsidiary of Persatuan Masyarakat Melayu UK (Melayu UK), an organisation registered with the Malaysian High Commission in London.

2. The Malaysian High Commissioner to the United Kingdom is the patron of Melayu UK.

3. Melayu UK Students Support Team can also be found at

4. For further information please email or alternatively visit our website

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