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Tuesday, April 05, 2005


No, it’s not one of those endangered ‘tepung’ of Tanah Serendah Sekebun Bunga, nor the name of the new Pope awaited by many across the globe.

It’s the sorry state of this chap…

prince charlesFirst, his wedding to his long time lover leaked to the press before it was formally announced. Then, there was a big hu-ha about the wedding. Then, the planned venue of the grand Windsor Castle (where the Queen resides) had to be scrapped due to the law that stipulates when a venue is granted a licence to hold civil wedding, anybody can use that venue. It was then moved to a ‘sub-standard’ guild hall nearby. Then, his beloved mother told us all that she will not be attending the wedding, only a blessing at church afterwards.

Then, there was an issue about the title of his soon-to-be legally wedded wife. Then, out of nowhere popped out an ancient law that gives equal right to his lover’s son to be the heir to the throne, and the boy is indeed older than his. Then, newspaper splashed out photos of his sons’ new girlfriends. Then, at a media session, not knowing that the latest hi-tech digital directional microphone power, he whispered nasty words to one of the journalist, only to be heard around the world.

Now, he has to postpone his wedding this Friday due to the important burial to take place in Rome. All the printed gifts then have to be reproduced (the wrong-date items heard to have been snapped up by collectors).

I'm sure he is indeed a saghu man.

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