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Saturday, April 23, 2005


Recently, a visiting friend brought a few stacks of this....

my_ruji Freshly packed at source, Kuala Kemamang, and flown all the way across the globe.... and wait, with a few bonjot of chuke included. What a bliss as this is actually part of my staple food.


During my 5 years of boarding school near the beach of Kg. Sura, this was indeed part of my daily intake without a miss. And we put chu-ke (as the T'ganus say, cholek for Kelantanese, chilli souce for oghe lua) onto everything; rice, noodles, banana fritters, etc etc. T'ganus sometimes prefer to have this thingy in their 'raw' (albeit cooked) state. Some other times, we had it 'raw' simply because we couldn't wait for the pakcik canteen to fry them all.
Those growing up years.... seasoned by the breeze of South China Sea.

Earlier this week, I received an email from a fellow pioneer-batch school friend, Dr Din (the best student of our year). He's organising a get together/reunion on the 1 May at the school. Well friends.... I wish I could be there too.

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