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Thursday, March 17, 2005

st. patrick's day

Hari ini adalah hari cuti umum di Republic of Ireland dan Northern Ireland, sempena St.Patrick's Day. St. Patrick ialah the patron saint of Ireland. Sambutan hari ini agak besar di sana, dan juga di USA yang mempunyai ramai rakyat berketurunan Irish. Atok akan menyertai rakan sepejabat ke Irish pub lepas kerja.

Kakak di Northampton sejak Selasa. Last weekend, we decided to buy her a mobile phone so that we can keep in touch easier. Panggilan hanya boleh dibuat antara jam 2-6 ptg, kecuali di hari mereka ada matinee show (semalam). As mentioned before, Kakak is doing this for 6 months pasal the regulation on child performer license limits to that period on a single license issued. Last week, all kids in the touring party were invited to continue with the tour for another 6 months, i.e. to the end of the year.

So much enjoyable and beneficial (in many ways) to Kakak the tour has been, continuing to the end of the year is a difficult matter. As I wrote initially, her headmistress reluctantly let Kakak join the tour but 'warned' us that it would be the one-and-only dispensation she would give. Mmm... tricky.

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