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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

An old game

One fine day in Tanah Serendah Sekebun Bunga, a group of kids sat around in a circle and put their fists on top of another, and began to sing....

to to tumbok
to tumbok
mok yae di di (with pounding act)

pecoh sebutir
pecoh seghemo (palms quickly flattened)

so ighing
duo ighing (at this point, they began to swirl their arms around with palms still on top of another)

so makok

ttemung taik ayae keghing
cak pelok ddado!!! (quickly pulled their arms and embraced their bodies)

then, simple rule applied: the fastest won and the unfortunate slow one lost.
they continued....

the winner: kong kong kong kayu ggapo?
the loser: kayu ___ (normal choice would be 'jati' or 'cengal')

the winner: ado atu ko tak dok?
the loser: ado / takdok!

the winner: nok ggaji ko nok kapok?
the loser: ggaji / kapok

upon that answer, the winner would proceed to break the folding arms from the loser's body by using his/her hand mimicking the selected tool (i.e. ggaji or kapok).
then, who knows what happened? teka...

tom tom tumbok
tom tumbok
mok yae didik

pecoh sebutir
pecoh seghemo
so ighing
duo ighing
semangkuk raja dewa

ttemung taik ayae keghing
cak pelok ddado!!!

hahaha..rasanya seluruh kelate main meney hok samo :D
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