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Friday, August 15, 2003

Nak? Tak nak?

Went for a job interview earlier this morning; a 'small' office in a newly converted barn set in a rural area about 23 miles to the south of my place. There was even a paddock next to it. It was a 'Housing & Urban Design' wing of a big practice. The boss was nice and friendly, had a very informal chat. He does need a second person to help him with the design urgently. Now, it's all up to me... he offered me the job. Yet, I've a few other good options I have to consider at this moment. Things would be clearer by the end of the month, as there is another great oppurtunity lurky just around the corner. (Need to get in touch with RIBA for some advice on setting up own practice).

The other 'job' I was busy helping a friend since last week is pretty much settling. Though there is this NBS Specs that I need to do in these few days to come, as a draft though. This reminds me fo the Time Sheet I have to fill up, otherwise it would be just another of my charity works and that would simply blast my personal accountant (the other half) to the highest sky. Weather would be great tomorrow, as they told, we might go somewhere nice, or just here: bought some banana leaves at the Oriental City last weekend and surely nasi lemak is in the menu for tomorrow, yum yum.

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